Project extracts

Fashion Store, Munich
re-branding, pr text

CFO Family Office, Munich
coaching, strategy, leadership

Architect’s Office, Munich
structure, strategy resources

Trading Company, Munich
crisis intervention, strategic consulting

Private, Munich
overcoming barriers in self-assessment, occupation and relationship

Trading Company, Munich
coaching workshop, orientation, development, strategy

Online Trading, Birmingham, UK
strategy, coaching management

Private, Munich
preventive mediation

Lifestyle Magazine, Munich
management coaching  

Lighting Design, Berlin
sample design, prototyping in portugal 

Private, Munich
coaching, personal development, conflict resolution  

Ornamental Plant Trader, Oberbayern
strategy, start-up consulting

Private, Munich
sparring, communication in conflicts, values in relationships 

Metal Spinning Europe, Munich
strategy, foundation, implementation, management

Graphic Design, Art Directors, Illustration, Munich
coaching & sparring communication 

Production Company, Munich
on Site manufacturing management in Portugal – manufacturer search, sample design, contracting, serial production, logistics, administration 

Online Trading, DACH region
management coaching, strategy work, risk assessment  

Architect’s office, Munich
business development, periodic sparring and monitoring 

Automotive Engineering, Oberbayern
coaching leaders and employees, restructuring, communications, strategy

Craft Gallery, Munich

International Art Project, Munich
concept funding 

Trading Company, Nuremberg
workshop team day, introduction to values, roles and functions 

Fashion design, Munich
reset, strategy, coaching 

Architect’s Office, Munich
strategy workshop, employee workshop, coaching, sparring

Shoe design, Munich
concept restructuring

Co-working, Graz/Austria
concept, business plan, presentation

Production Company, Munich
product design, property rights, business development, branding, marketing

Consulting Firm, Germany
workshop business development, coaching

Law Firm, Munich
strategy public relations, marketing 

Architect’s Office, Munich
leadership coaching, strategic positioning, capacity planning

Independent Photographer, Freiburg
leadership coaching, pricing, strategic positioning 

Event Agency, Munich
structure of new website

Graphics & Typography, Berne / Switzerland
consulting, co-operation 

Private, Reykjavik/Iceland
coaching in conflict management, personal development 

Manufacturing/Crafts, Munich
restructuring, strategic work, generation change, leadership coaching, internet concept, management & documentation, sparring, product development, communication, erp implementation, outsourcing, shop concept 

Screenplay Agency, Munich
intervention consulting, shareholder dissolution, drafting of contracts, sparring 

Editor-at-Large, Munich
coaching strategy and function

Art Buying & Photo Editor, Munich
start-up consultancy, business plan, sparring, supervision 

Freelance Film Director, Munich

Color & Trim Automotive, Munich
coaching, strategy, sparring 

Textile Trader, Munich
coaching, strategy workshops, negotiation, consulting 

Independent Yoga Teacher, Munich
coaching, strategy, sparring 

Speech Therapy, Reutlingen
start-up consultancy, foundation work, technical equipping, internet concept, management& documentation, sparring, leadership coaching, interim management

Precious Metals, Munich
foundation, management

Air Conditioning, Munich/Mallorca
concept, online trading

Outlet Sportswear, Munich
concept, foundation, management, expansion, development

Senior Living Munich
concept, consulting

Scandinavian Import, Munich
concept, foundation work, support, management, implementation

Race Track, Ronda/Spain
concept personal training & therapy

Remarketing Hardware
concept, sales

Private Clients, International
physiotherapy, personal assistance, personal training, coaching, staffing, technical equipping, travel assistance

State Theatre, Munich
pr concept

References available on request 


• Architecture 
• Handcrafts 
• Corporate communications 
• Telemarketing 
• Photography 
• Graphics / Typography / Illustration 
• Text 
• Translations
• Insolvency Legislation & Economic Mediation (DAA)
• Copyright and media law
• Recruiting
• Innovation funding (national/EU-wide
Chamber of Commerce, Portugal/Germany


• Manufacturing Management in Portugal 
• Consulting – Coaching – Business Development. 
• Trained as a professional coach in the working environment, German Coaching Academy at Hildesheim 
• Trained as a hypnotherapist
• Masters degree in Management, Hagen Institute for Management Studies (HIMS)
• Start-up consultancy
• Established various remarketing companies  
• Personal physiotherapist, assistant, High finance D/A/F/USA
• Dramatic consultant for various film projects, Munich 
• Shadowing at the Staatstheater in Gärtnerplatz, Munich and Stadttheater Berne, Switzerland 
• Studied dramaturgy, LMU Munich 
• Baccalaureat, 2. Education, Kolping-Kolleg Freiburg
• Team leader internal communication/project control OTD, Hewlett Packard GmbH, Böblingen 
• Professional recognition at the Psychosomatic Clinic, Schömberg 
• Vocational training, physiotherapy school, Konstanz 
• Grew up in Mönsheim 
• Languages: German, English, French

Ramon Glauner