‚The Archimedean point from which I can change the world from within my location is the transformation of my self.‘
(Martin Buber)

Demands of the situation

Challenges are situations that are challenging by their very nature. The meaning is hidden in these challenges, which is a reason for renewal and growth.
Meaning is the objective that we find in our values.
Meaning is the reason that carries us along.

What makes sense?

‚Values represent a person’s persistent convictions.‘ (V.E.Frankl)

Values control our actions, decisions, relations and our communication. Everyone has their own value system.
The values contained within can be mutually supportive but can also collide or come into conflict with one another.
Conflicting values (whether conscious or unconscious) are the most common subject in coaching.


People choose coaching when they:

• have exhausted their repertoire in terms of finding constructive solutions.
• need a sound basis for wide-ranging decisions.
• are on the threshold of a new development stage or life phase.
• need a sense of direction and clarity for short-term or long-standing situations in life.
• need help to tackle major challenges and achieve their goals.
• want to clarify, actively manage and develop interpersonal relationships.
• need to overcome a crisis situation.
• want to explore and develop their potential.
• want to strengthen trust as part of an independent, active lifestyle.

We cast light on the root causes of issues and develop a coaching goal that’s attainable for the participant: Specific. Measurable. Ambitious. Realistic. Time-defined.

By sorting out the situation, clarifying the value system and identifying resources that exist or can be activated, a client will gain new perspectives for self-reflection and their external world. No longer useful patterns of behaviour that are no longer useful are relinquished and replaced by learning new and meaningful behaviours. Active decision-making and the ability to exert conscious control give the participant security and empowerment in their individual situation. Situations become manageable; Goals attainable.

In coaching, participants are guided through the process with the help of professional methods. The backdrop to this is trust, openness, empathy, clarity, intuition, seriousness and humor.

The decision to go ahead with coaching is the first step to take.


Taking part in coaching sessions is voluntary and the same applies to job coaching.
Coaching is not a therapy.
Coaching is confidential.
This excludes the anonymous professional exchange that takes place within a supervision
to ensure the quality of the coaching.
Please refer to the General Terms & Conditions